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A lively and fun weekly magazine produced and presented by Professor Noel Sharkey. On Sheffield Live 93.2FM every Friday at  9.00am with repeats on Sunday at 9.00am and Tuesday at 1.00pm.

The aim of the show is to make science and technology accessible to everyone and as jargon free as possible. There are weekly feature interviews with academic stars, news and fun items.

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The show has a number of regular Slots that cycle around but not every week: Science in the News, Movers and Shakers,  Features,  History of 20th century robots, Weird Science and a monthly insert from Cafe Scientifique

Prople interviewed on the show include:

Professor Lord Winston

Joel Conrad Cognitive Behavioural Therapist

Professor Antony Ryan CBE

Sir Harry Kroto: winner of the nobel chemistry prize 1996

Rear Admiral Chris J. Parry CBE: Ministry of defence director of Development, Concepts and Doctrine

Professor Yorick Wilks: World authority on Artificial Intelligence for lnatural anguage processing

Kathy Sykes, Collier Professor of Public Engagement at University of Bristol and TV regular (Rough Science, Saturday Kitchen, Alternative Theraphies)

Aejaz Aahid, award winning biomedical engineer and well know DJ with a NESTA fellowship to bring the two together

Malika Andress, National Space Centre

Professor John McCarthy – The father of Artificial Intelligence who gave it its name.

Professor Jim Al-Khalili CBE – particle physicist and BBC4 science presenter

Professor Marcu De Sautoy – Academic, Author and Broadcaser – known as an Oxford mathematician.

Marc Abrahams – founder of the ig Noble awards and writes a regular column for the Guardian on Improbable Science


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  1. Hi Noel

    I wanted to say well done for getting this show going. This is precisely what is needed, a show which explains complex scientific issues in a way which is concise and understandable. This is precisely what we are trying to do at the beyond security network, albeit for youth organisations engaged in European affairs. Next year I plan on co-organising a set of youth events to engage with these new developments.

    I don’t know whether you have heard of ‘neoconopticon’ a report by the trans-national institute by Ben Hayes who appraises various technologies currently under fs7 projects in the ESDP. Although your show is of course to interview scientists, it may be worth getting someone like Ben or his collegues to explain what is happening on the European sphere. I think it would feed into some of the other shows on here.

    Thanks for getting the show going Noel. Its a feed ill be adding to the BSN website.

    All the best


    Comment by Mathew Davies | December 19, 2009 | Reply

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