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Show 85 first broadcast 22nd January 2010


This is a xxx rated show this week folks. Are we entering a brave new world where the first sexual experiences of the young will be with an inanimate? No, this is not a joke. Noel talks to author and AI expert David Levy who has been predicting the rise of sex robots for some time. Now it looks like they have arrived.

Would you have sex with a robot?

Noel talks to David Levy, author of  “Love and Sex with Robots” about the sex industry, the history of sex toys leading on to the idea of sex robots. They discuss the new sex robot Roxxxy (pictured above) – unveiled in January, 2010.

David is Scottish international grand master who has had a number of significant achievments in AI. He has twice been winner of the Loebner prize for the best conversational AI. He first became well known in AI in 1968 by placing a bet with a number of AI luminaries that no chess playing programme would be able to beat him withing the next 10 years. It got harder for him to beat the machines as time went on, but sure enough in 1978 he won the bet. You can read more about his achievement by clicking on his name in the link above.


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