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Show 80 first broadcast on 11th December 2009


This week is very varied show:  I start by talking about “Climate Change Denial” in the news over the last couple of weeks. Then I give a Christmas tip about ripening fruit. Our two features are on Vaccines: the good the bad and the ugly and on harvesting energy from machine vibrations

Go get a vaccine

There has been such a lot said about vaccines in 2009 especially after the big MMR scare that linked it, without scientific foundation, to Autism. I thought that I would ask someone who knows a lot about them what all the fuss is about.

I had a very enlightening chat to Adam Finn, David Baum Professor of Paediatrics Head, Unit of Child Health, Dept. Clinical Sciences at South Bristol, University of Bristol, Director, South West Medicines for Children Local Research Network Honorary Consultant Paediatrician, Bristol Royal Hospital for Children, United Bristol Healthcare Trust

I’m diggin those good vibrations

Vibrations from the environments we live and work in could be much more widely harnessed as a clean source of electricity.

Known as ‘energy harvesting’, the concept has been around for over a decade, but researchers from the University of Bristol, in a project funded by the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council, aim to make it possible to make use of a much wider range of vibrations than is currently possible.It’s hoped that within five years ‘energy harvesting’ could be powering many more of our devices from heart monitors to mobile phones.

I asked team leader Dr Stephen Burrows about what is new with this work and where is it leading us.


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