The Sound of Science

Fridays 9am – Sheffield Live! – 93.2FM

Show 52 – First broadcast 29th May 2009


Jon Prinz  on custard


This is “an everything you always wanted to know about custard except how to make it” interview with  Dr Jon Prinz, our molecular gastronomy expert. John was last on the show talking about tea in April. He  started out as an NHS dentist then did a PhD in oral anatomy in Hong Kong from 1992.   He now works on the mechanics of chewing and swallowing and sensory perception of food.

Jon teamed up with that famous chef Heston Blumenthal in 2001 and they have been collaborating and sharing ideas ever since.  He talks to us this week about heat in the mouth.

Are waggling wings the future of aviation?


Not really, but new research from a team led by Dr Duncan Lockerby at the University of Warwick exploits the idea of waggling wings to reduce drag on large planes and potentially reduce their emission by up to 20%. Could this mean that our holidays in the sushine will not be so costly to mother earth in the future?

Duncan comes onto the programme to tell us all about the project funded by the Economic and Physical Sciences Research Council, UK.

Emotion and Music at the Cafe Scientifique

cafe header

This months Cafe Scientifique package, presented by John Stratford, was part of the Sensoria film and music festival. It features Dr Nicola Dibben, a Senior Lecturer (Assoc Professor equivelant) in Music at the University of Sheffield where her research and teaching focuses on the relationship between music, mind and culture.


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