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Show 51 – First broadcast 22nd May 2009


Featured Interview: The nocebo effect

Symptoms of unknown origin

Have you every wondered how your thoughts and beliefs can effect your body. We all know about the placebo effect. The doctor gives you some sugar pills for that nasty headache and it magically goes away because you believe it is a new powerful drug.

Well the nocebo effect is the opposite. The Doctor tells you that you have six months to live and you dutifully die six months later.  Then an autopsy reveals that your illness was not that serious at all. Dr. Clifton K. Meador MD from the Vanderbilt University Medical School in Nashville Tennessee iis a world authority on such matters and he is on the show today to tell us all about placebo, nocebo and voodo. You can also read his blog on the state of US medicine.

Dr.Meador is the author of two very interesting books on this subject that you can by from Symptoms of Unkown Origin: a medical odyssey and Puzzling symptoms: how to solve the puzzle of your symptoms:

puzzling symptoms

Featured Interview: Air-fuelled batteries


In line with our policy of keeping you up to date with green technology, we present the air-fuelled battery – a ground-breaking technology that has huge potential for driving our electric cars of the future. These batteries may last up to 10 time longer than lithium ion batteries.

Professor Peter Bruce, from the Chemistry Department at the University of Aberdeen, leads the research funded by the Engineering and Physical Research Council in the UK. The research team has partners at Strathclyde and Newcastle universities. This week he tells us about how these new batteries work.


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