The Sound of Science

Fridays 9am – Sheffield Live! – 93.2FM

Show 49 – First broadcast 8th May 2009


Science in the News


Swine flu has been discussed just about everywhere in the last couple of weeks. We couldn’t really have a science programme without mentioning it and so we mentioned it without an in depth scientific discussion. We will get back to it later with an expert interview.

Featured Interview:Are we alone in the universe?


I visited the London Sci-Fi festival this week at the Apollo just off Picadilly Circus and would thoroughly recommend it – keep an eye out for it next year (I will remind you). There are lots of sci-fi authors and directors there, film events and panel discussion with experts. It was great to get such a good mix of sci-fi people with serious quality scientists.  I was doing a couple of robotics events and intended to interview lots of people but I was too busy in the end.


I did manage to catch one of the panellist from the Aliens: are we alone in the universe panel: Dr Lewis Dartnell, an astrobiologist from University College London who conducts serious scientific research into the possibility of bacterial life on Mars. He has writeen the book (picture above): Life in the Universe: A beginner guide –  available from Amazon.

The monthly Cafe Scientifique insert

Presented by Dr. Chamu Kuppaswamy

At this months cafe scientifique Professor Keith Worden from Sheffield University talked about: Nothing is Certain: Understanding Randomness, Unpredictability and Uncertainty

Sheffield Cafe Scientifique takes place at the Showroom bar on the first Monday of every month.


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