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Show 47 – First broadcast 24th April 2009


Science in the News


This week in Science in the News Noel talks about the Raw versus Cooked food debate. Which is better for you. It seems that both have their benefits and drawbacks. Noel’s personal advice, which he follows himself, is to eat a daily mixture of cooked and raw vegetables.

Featured Interview 1: Nuclear non-proliferation


Dr. Chamu Kuppaswamy from the Law Department of Sheffield University has just returned from a Nuclear non-proliferation conference in Washington DC and gives us an update on what is going on in the Nuclear World.


Chamu is an international lawer. Her research areas are arms control law and security law focussing on nuclear non proliferation. She is a member of the Conflict and security law research unit at the Sheffield Law School.

Featured Interview: Adam the robot scientist


The Hubo robot with the Einstein head

My second guest is Professor Ross King from the Department of Computer Science at the University of Aberystwyth. He and a team of scientists from Aberystwyth and Cambridge have published a paper in the journal Science on the Automation of Science.  There robot system, called Adam (see picture below), conducted experiments on yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae and experimentally tested these hypotheses by using laboratory automation., analyses the results, makes simple new hypotheses and tests them. This could have great benefits to science in areas that need very intense experimentation sucha as researching diseases and developing new pharmaceuticals. It could save a lot of money and leave the higher end of thinking to the human scientist.

Let us just be clear that Adam is not a humanoid robot scientist like the Hubo robot pictured about. It is essentially an collection of automated laboratory equipment and robot arms as pictured below with Professor King.



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