The Sound of Science

Fridays 9am – Sheffield Live! – 93.2FM

Show 43 – First broadcast 27th March 2009


Science in the News

Feature News Story: Bloody hell or is it bloody heaven?

British scientists are planning a ground-breaking research project to create synthetic human blood from embryonic stem cells. The claim is that
this could revolutionise blood transfusion services, which currently rely on a network of human donors to provide a constant supply of fresh blood. Our blood expert, Professor Chris Cooper from the University of Essex, tells us about the pros and cons.

Our futures defence correspondent

Rear Admiral Chris Parry tells us about the importance of the underground in wars of the future and he means literally under the ground.

Feature Interview 1: Real Virtuality

Professor David Howard from the University of York  tells us about a large inter-university project his leading on creating full virtual reality. This is an exciting way of wrapping you in a cocoon to indulge all of your senses including touch and smell. Maybe you will be able to go on that fantastic holiday without leaving your couch.

Feature Interview 2: Safe with dementia

Our second feature interview deals with a smart sensing house that could keep even the most demented elderly safe at home. I  talked to Professor Roger Orpwood from the University of Bath about the pilot studies his team has already completed.


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