The Sound of Science

Fridays 9am – Sheffield Live! – 93.2FM

Show 42 – First broadcast 20th March 2009


Science in the News

Obhama’s new 20 billion dollar stimulus package for science in the USA but the scientist will be held accountable

The UK Home Office’s new strategic plans to extend surveillance to fixed wing planes and  biosensing. Read the full Science and Innovation Strategy 2009-12

SRI is developing a new portable robot surgeon for the battlefield

We are a bee friendly programme and we have been watching the demise of the bee. One factor that may be the cause of bee colony collapse is Imidaclorprid found in a number of pesticides.

From our futures defence correspondent


Rear Admiral Chris Parry talks about future problems in space with satellite attacks. Many countries are now beginning to get their own defence satellites. Satellites are vulnerable but extremely important for defence.

Feature Interview 1: Professor Peter McOwan


Professor McOwan from Queen Mary University of London talks about how is trying to change the perception of computer science with his glossy magazine CS4FN. It shows the subject at its best – not in the slightest boring. There is something here for eveyone – there is even a book of CS magic tricks.

This has been a noel sharkey recommendation.

Feature Interview 2: Galileo! Galileo!

For many people Galileo became famous in the 1970s after the Queen song “bohemian rhapsody”.


Professor Mark Brake tells us about his forthcoming book on Galieo and Darwin. We focus on Galileo in this programme and find out many unexpected things about him. It shattered the veneer of my science history..


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