The Sound of Science

Fridays 9am – Sheffield Live! – 93.2FM

Show 30 – First broadcast 5th Dec 2008


Science in the News

Pig out with new organs. Noel talks to Jenna Stevens-Smith about harvesting animal organs for human transplant – xenotransplant.

The new Mosquito irritation system. Once used with a high frequency sound that only the under 25s could hear to keep them away from news agents, it will now irritate everyone. Noel plays a sample so that you can be irritated yourself. We should get together and make them buzz off.


Fiona Fox tells us how she became director of the Science Media Centre and how science gets into the news.

Professor Tony Ryan CBE tells us about Street Science on Radio 4 where he accosted people on the streets of Sheffield to engage with them about nano technology.

Rear Admiral Christopher Parry talks about the new Russian nuclear weapons drive – is this the start of a new coldwar?

The Science Fiction Serial: Minority Report part 1

Minority report is a short story by Noel’s favourite Sci-Fi author, Philip K. Dick, first published in 1956 in the magazine Fantastic Universe. It was made into a movie by Steven Spielberg starring Tom Cruise in 2002. It introduces the notion of pre-crime where three pre-cogs predict crimes and the criminals are arrested before they commit them. There is currently a lot of discussion about using the internet for pre-crime detection but currently they have to wait for the criminals to commit the crime before arresting them.

Music on the show

Intro: Sound of Silence, Beastie Boys followed by Polar Bear

News: Mathew Herbert

Intro to the serial was tic by Niall Griffith

Outro: Locomotion by John Coletrane Quartet


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