The Sound of Science

Fridays 9am – Sheffield Live! – 93.2FM

Show 29 – First broadcast 28th Nov 2008


Science in the News

Good news for stem cell research – a transplant without rejection (Noel discusses the latest coup for stem cell researchers with Jenna Stevens-Smith from University of Sheffield).

10,000 tasers planned for UK police

Noel was helping Japanese Police with their enquiries

Cafe Scientifique

This months package from Cafe Scientifique has poetry and torture

Torture as a Government Service the New Technopolitics of Pain’
Dr. Steve Wright,
Leeds Metropolitan University

Many share the fear and loathing of the new torture technologies deployed by the US in Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib. Few however realize that such techniques were originally pioneered here in the UK and only part of a new technopolitics being developed for military operations in urban terrain. The talk will discuss the creation and deployment of these new technologies and the efforts of academics, NGO’s and comedians to return us to human security as if people mattered.

Poetry written and read by Olivia Maiden

Feature: Rossum’s Universal Robots

This week we present parts 4 of a four part serialisation of the 1921 play, R.U.R, by the Carel Capek. This is an old NBC radio production for hear on 2000X.

Music on the show

Intro: Sound of Silence, Beastie Boys followed by Polar Bear

News: Mathew Herbert

Intro to the play was “We are the Robots” by Kraftwerk

Outro: Locomotion by John Coletrane Quartet


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