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Show 25 – Halloween Special 2008


Science in the News

Indian Lunar news: Report on how the India lunar shot is going as the apogee increases. The elliptical orbits around the earth save fuel but it means that Chandrayaan-1 won’t start going around the moon until November 3rd.

Indian funding problem for the ISRO’s planned manned lunar landing: No governmental clearance for the finances. It will have to await until after the next election.

Are women really more talkative than men? A study reported this week on the Improbable Research pages. The original was reported in Science last year. “Women are generally assumed to be more talkative than men. Data were analyzed from 396 participants who wore a voice recorder that sampled ambient sounds for several days. Participants’ daily word use was extrapolated from the number of recorded words. Women and men both spoke about 16,000 words per day.”

Sinister story: Why are so many USA presidents lefties? Both Obama and McCain are left handed as were Clinton, Bush senior and Ford. The word “sinister” derives from the Latin for left handed. Is this a left handed conspiracy?

Local spooky Halloween event for families at Magna Science Adventure Centre. Helen Smith, operational director, tells us all about the evening’s events and the fun sleepover. Magna is an old steel works that was once the largest corporate building in the UK. Although it is full of interactive science it has sublety retained and preserved the old steel works and its atmosphere. A perfect choice for a halloween adventure and educational too.

The Paranormal Interview: We talk to Brenda Diskin from Sheffield Paranormal Investigations about spooks and ghouls around Sheffield. How many kinds of ghosts are there and are they harmful. Noel and Ross are not great ghost believers but heck it is Halloween after all. So let us not be moldy about it.

Mover and Shaker: Professor Jim al-Khalili OBE

Our Mover and Shaker this week is Professor Jim al-Khalili OBE, academic, broadcaster and writer. As well as appearing regularly on Radio 4 in such programmes as Melvyn Bragg’s In our time, Jim has written a number of popular science books and presented TV science programmes, most recently Atom for BBC Four. He talks to Noel about his life and how he came from his birthplace in Baghdad to England as Saddam Hussien came to power. He also talks about the new TV series he is making about Muslim Science for BBC Four.

The Watchbird

Part two of our two-part Science Fiction story by Robert Sheckley. Autonomous robot birds are developed to cut the murder rate – they learn with disastrous consequences. And then there are the robot hawks.

Weird Science: Ghost Lusters

Ghost Lusters: If you want to see a spectre badly enough, will you? A report in this month’s Scientific American suggesting that a possible explanation for seeing ghosts is exposure to electro magnetic radiation from electrical apparatus.

Music on the show

Intro: Twilight Zone followed by Element 105 by DBL JUG studios followed by Polar Bear’s Dim Lit

News: Matthew Herbert music

Ghost Busters

Mover and Shakers: Matthew Herbert music

Outro: Jimi Henrix with Vodoo Child


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  1. Hi, I know of Brenda Diskin, as I’m from Sheffield … Spooky stuff … Where was Brenda on Halloween? I suspect in the west of Sheffield in Ecclesall Woods somewhere… Her web comments are mysterious.

    Comment by andybolton | November 5, 2008 | Reply

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