The Sound of Science

Fridays 9am – Sheffield Live! – 93.2FM

Show 17 – First broadcast 5th September 2008


Science in the News

Bats are being killed by Wind Turbines – great for generating energy but when bats get to close the haemorrhaging.

Detecting heart disease by the way you write

The first Nation has given all of its children laptops – the tiny Nation of Niue

Army research on invisibility is with us at last.

New unofficial record for Unmanned Aircratf Flight

Ross discusses Noel’s Guardian piece on encouraging children to take part in Military weapons development.

History of 20th century robotics part 7: Elektro

Noel discusses Elektro’s immediate ancestor Willie Vocalite before launching into the story of Elektro. This is a lively piece with lots of period music and audio clips of Electro talking and singing. Even better, Noel interviews Mr Jack Weeks who played with Elektro throughout World War II. We discuss how Elektro went from early walker, dancer and smoker to soft porn star in the Holywood movie, Sex Girls go to college.

Feature: The BLU-108

Noel discusses the deadly BLU-108 sensor fuzed weapon with Bob Buckley, Senior Vice President of Textron the company who make the weapon.

Weird Science:

New evidence that people with round faces are more aggressive than other face types – you gotta laugh really.

Music on the show

Intro: Sound of Silence, Beastie Boys followed by Polar Bear

News: Mathew Herbert music

History of 20th Century Robots: The theme music is Tic by Niall Griffith, The Charleston (Savoy Orpheans), Charlie Christian with Benny Goodman – Solo Flight and Seven comes eleven, Glen Miller – In the mood and Chatenoga cho cho

Outro: Frank Zappa, What is the ugliest part of your body from We’re Only in it for the money


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