The Sound of Science

Fridays 9am – Sheffield Live! – 93.2FM

Show 16 – First broadcast 29nd Aug 2008


Science in the News

Noel Sharkey talks to Owen Holland about his swarm system

The MoD Grand Challenge took place at Copehill Down this month. Professor Owen Holland from Essex University took part with a swarm of helicopter robots. He tells us all about the experience. You can read some of Noel’s criticisms of the use of children in the competition in the Guardian Science Blog.

Professor Peter Styring from Chemical Engineering at Sheffield University talks to Noel about the technology used in the Olympics.

Mover and Shaker

Professor Lord Robert Winston

This week’s mover and shaker is Professor Lord Winston. Noel asks him about how he first got into science and then medicine and then TV. Then they discuss his new BBC 1 series Superdoctors which airs on Thursday eveningings at 9.00pm. Noel does now quite see eye to eye with Lord Winston about the role that robots have in medicine. See Noel’s views in his Guardian Article: Don’t dismiss the robot surgeons.

History of 20th century robotics part 6: Elektro

Noel takes us back to the 20s and 30s to look at what they thought that robots were. It is the lead up to the story of Westinghouse Electronics’ Eleckro, the giant 7 foot humanoid robot that could walk, talk and smoke cigarettes.

Elektro and Sparko

Music on the show

Intro: Sound of Silence, Beastie Boys followed by Polar Bear

News: Mathew Herbert music

History of 20th Century Robots: The theme music is Tic by Niall Griffith, The Charleston (Savoy Orpheans), , I ain’t got nobody (Louis Armstrong)

Outro: Chemical Brothers: Galaxy Bounce from the album Come with us


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