The Sound of Science

Fridays 9am – Sheffield Live! – 93.2FM

Show 15 – First broadcast 22nd Aug 2008


Science in the News

New research on Monkeys shows vision and audition may have a low level connection .

The new hybrid cars are just not loud enough for safety.

Ross interviews Penny Otwell about her breaking news story about a new ‘cocktail’ cure for cancer.

Noel interviews Ben Way, from the secret millionaire, about his new Robot Defence website

Noel interviews Professor Peter Syring about the technology used at the Olympics to win in Cycling, Rowing and Swimming.

Mover and Shaker

This week’s mover and shaker is Nurse-Cognitive Behavioural Therapist Joel Conrad from the Bath and Devises health service. Joel came to the UK in 1980 with his new English wife Victoria. He always intended to return to the US but 28 year and 3 kids later, he is still here. Joel’s early aspiration was to be a professional basketball player but he majored in psychology at a US university and took up psychiatric nursing (his wife is a nurse) soon after arriving in the UK. If you met him you would soon realise that he is a natural therapist. He is from a large family and at all big events, be in parties, weddings or funerals, Joel presents his own brand of sprachsangen poetry (a kind of rap) – he is The Party Bard. It has become something of a legend.

In the interview Joel tells us how he got started in therapy, what the main features of CBT are and tells us about auditory hallucinations.

History of 20th century robotics part 5: Herbie Televox

Noel takes us back to 1927 where Roy James Wensley, working for Westinghouse Electronics, accidentally develops the first electro-mechanical humanoid robot.


Weird Science

Research with Canadian ice hockey player suggests that round faced people are more likely to be aggressive.

Music on the show

Intro: Sound of Silence, Beastie Boys followed by Polar Bear

News: Mathew Herbert music

History of 20th Century Robots: We are the robots (Kraftwerk), The Charleston (Savoy Orpheans), I’m Sittin on top of the world (Al Jolson), I ain’t got nobody (Louis Armstrong)

Outro: I ain’t got nobody (Louis Armstrong)


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