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This week’s Mover and Shaker is Professor Tony Ryan OBE, Chemist, Polymer scientist and Nanotechnologist. Our Feature slot this week is part 2 or a two-parter on the Science of Coffee – how to make the perfect espresso. In the news, Noel goes to the House of Commons to the finals of The Great Engineering Debate: Solutions for the Planet. He follows up on the winners of the Sheffield Heat and talks to MP Claire-Curtis Thomas about recruiting more females into engineering.

Science in the news

Last week Noel reported on the Sheffield heat of the Great Engineering debate: Solutions for the Planet sponsored by Partners in Innovation and the Royal Academy of Engineering. He interviewed the winners – Pack for Babies, pack for life from St Josephs Catholic Girls College and then went to the house of commons this week to see how they got on in the FINAL. Noel was the MC for the House of Commons finals and he caught up with some of the excited teams in the interval while the judges were deciding. You can hear Noel announcing the winners and then interviewed them. Then he talks to Labour MP for Crosby – Claire

Curtis-Thomas about the importance of such events for the recruitment of the next generation of engineers. Claire Curtis-Thomas was the first woman MP in the history of parliament with an engineering degree.

Claire Curtis-Thomas

Noel was really excited that the winners of the Sheffield Heats, Pack for Babies, Pack for life were the overall winners at the Houses of Parliament finals. Here they are from St Joseph’s Catholic Girl’s college

Noel with “Pack for Babies, Pack for Life”: St Josephs Catholic Girl’s School

Movers and Shakers

This weeks Mover and Shaker is Professor Tony Ryan OBE who until recently was The ICI Professor of Physical Chemistry and Director of The Polymer Centre at the Univesity of Sheffield. He is now the Pro-vice chancellor for the Faculty of Science. Tony also gave the televised Royal Institution Lectures in 2002 and is passionate about engaging with the public and lecturing to school children.

Tony tells Noel about what inspired him as a scientist, why all kids are scientists to start with and why some of your breakfast cerial sinks while some doesn’t. He reveals his early years as a potential communist revolutionary bomb-maker and tells us about his latest art work with Artist Helen Storey.


The Science of Coffee In Part 2 of this two-part freature, Noel traveled to University College London to track down the science behind espresso. He meets up Dr Andrea Sella from the Chemistry department – he’s an Italian with a Canadian accent – and Dr Mark Miodownik – a materials scientist from University College London. Both appear regularly in the media and tell us in clear terms all about the science of coffee from growing the beans to turning them into the perfect espresso – the God shot as some call it


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