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Show 8 – First broadcast 04/07/2008


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This weeks Mover and Shaker is Nobel Laureate, Sir Harry Kroto. Our Feature slot this week is part 1 or a two-parter on the Science of Coffee – how to make the perfect espresso. The news takes on a local green flavour with a discussion about the carbon footprint of Delia Smith’s “How to cheat at cookery” and a look at local heats of The Great Engineering Debate: Solutions for the Planet.

Science in the news

The news goes Green with a Yorkshire flavour. Noel discusses Delia Smith’s new cookbook, “How to cheat at cooking” with Professor of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry at Sheffield University, Peter Styring. They discuss the carbon footprint left by Delia’s mashed potatoes.

Noel peeps in on “The Great Engineering Debate: Solutions for the Planet” a competition run by SETPOINT to engage schoolchildren in the green problems with Planet Earth. Noel MC-ed the event and we hear his short opening remarks followed by the live presentation by the winning team and a short interview with some very excited school girls who won.

Movers and Shakers

Nobel Laureate Sir Harry Kroto is the Mover and Shaker. He tells us about what inspired him to study science, what is really feels like to win the most coveted prize in science and how to engage the youth of today to create the next generation of scientists.

Sir Harry Kroto’s Global Educational Outreach (GEO) new technology to provide outstanding Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) teaching material. It is a highly flexible medium enabling a wide range of different educational approaches to be explored and it is particularly useful for SET teachers who will find valuable downloadable teaching resource material created by the best science and technology experts and educators. A key aim is to catalyse the creation of a global network of participating sites catering to the local and global need for much improved SET education. All the material on the wesite is FREE to view and download. This is a great innovation full of enthusiasm and Professor Noel Sharkey highly recommends it.


The Science of Coffee In Part 1 of a two-part freature,Noel visits Bragazzi’s award winning Espresso bar and Deli in London Rd. Sheffield and talks to their star barista, Tom Wilkinson, who came second in the UK heat of world championships in 2005. We hear the tips about how to make a world class espresso.


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