The Sound of Science

Fridays 9am – Sheffield Live! – 93.2FM

Show 2 – First Broadcast 23/05/08

Missed the show? Get the podcast here.

Science in the News.

Noel talked about the Academy of Medical Science’s current report on psychoactive substances and so-called smart drugs. More info – Times Article.

Ross discussed the recent Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill (Key points – BBC Article. Quotes from the parliamentary debate – Guardian Online.)

Noel also talked about Honda’s AISMO robot conducting the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. (Youtube video of the performance here).

Ross also talkied about ‘Colony Collapse Disorder’ that is affecting bees in America (Seattle Times Article – here), and apparently in our own Weston Park Museum. More on the Weston Park bees next week.

Noel spoke on the phone to Dr William Scanlon about work on a new type of antenna being devloped at Queen’s University Belfast.

Attaching biosensors to the body for health monitoring is not new. We’ve all seen movies or experienced intensive care with all the those little bleeping sound and monitors with squiggly lines.

But those sensor are all wired in and the patient has to lie there attached to the machines. Wouldn’t it be great if biosensensor could just send the information directly to your doctor via the internet or mobile phone. It could make doctor visits for tests and check-up a thing of the past

Well researchers at Queen’s University Belfast are bringing this much closer with new type of body antenna they have been developing with funding from the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council.

The Movers and The Shakers.

Space special

Noel goes for a guided tour of the National Space Centre with Marketing Director Malikaa Andress. He sees real space ships and finds out all about how astronauts go to the toilet. You can hear Noel nearly being sick on the space simulator. Then he meets a Dalek and some old friends from Robot Wars.

Ross continues to find out about how to apply for an astronaut place on the European Space Station. He talks to Clare Mattok from the European Space Agency (ESA) who tells him what is needed to get to the space station.

Noel visited the new Space Age exibition at The Western Park Museum, Sheffield and walked around some of the fun and exciting exhibits with curator, Alistair McClean: everything from an medieval astrolabe to a real astronauts suit. There was even one of Noel’s own robots there. To cap it all there was one of the original old space invaders arcade games.


Weird Science.

Dog clones auctioned and a robot that gives birth



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