The Sound of Science

Fridays 9am – Sheffield Live! – 93.2FM

The Sound of Science – Show 1 – 16th May 2008

Extra info and links from the first episode of the Sound of Science.

Missed us? Download the podcast here.

Science in the news.

Become an astronaut with the European Space Agency.

The ESA are looking for four new astronauts for their manned space programme. Application opens on 19th May and is open to anyone in Europe. But you do need to have a medical certificate issued by an Aviation Medical Examiner before you fill out the on-line form.

Super Tall Buildings

The Burj Dubai in Dubai is set to be the World’s tallest building at over 800m tall when it’s completed next year. Even this monster won’t hold the record for long, with the proposed Madinat al-Hareer tower in Kuwait, and the al-Burj tower in Dubai both looking to break the 1km barrier for the first time.

By comparison, Sheffield’s current tallest building, the Arts Tower stands a measly 78m tall – less than 1/10th of the height of the Burj Dubai.

For more information on supertall buildings, check the excellent Skyscraper City website, which has information on all the tall buildings in the world, and even has a section on Sheffield.

Why hip fat is good, but pot bellies are bad.

Smoking – Just not cool.

More information on Michael Siegel’s research at Boston university that showed that restaurant smoking bans discourage teenagers from smoking can be found in The Boston Globe.

Movers and Shakers.

Noel went down to Streetwise Robotics, an event at the Dana Centre in London to speak to some of the movers and shakers in the world of robotics.

Noel spoke to Kirsty Roach about the purpose of the Dana Centre. –

Rich Walker from Shadow Robots showed Noel their Dexterous Hand Robot – the closest robot to the human hand currently available.

Prof. Mick Wallis from the School of Performance and Culture at Leeds University, talked about his Spidergrab robot – A cross between a dancing partner and an architectural environment – Shown here dancing with Isobel Jones, Artistic Director of Salamander Tandem in Nottingham.

Mark Norman from Merlin Robotics in Plymouth showed Noel their Avatar which can pick out faces might be used as an interface with robots of the future.

The HaRT (Human and Robot Together) robot from Robotic Systems LTD and the Autonomous Helicopter from the Institute of Creative Technologies. The helicopter can be seen in action on the Centre for Computational Intelligence’s YouTube channel.

The Snake Robot with a ballerina.

Weird Science.

An issue of ‘Weird Science’ comic from the 1950’s. Now very possibly gathering dust in Ross’s Mum’s loft

The Mongoose powered landmine detector

More information (and a video!) of a Robot and Mongoose teaming up to clear landmines in Sri Lanka can be found here.

The Robo-Roach – useful for hunting for surviors following an earthquake or bomb or for spying on people!

Music used in the Show.

DBLF Studios – Ununpentium

NWA – Straight outta Compton

Chemical Brothers – Saturate

Herbert – Movers and Shakers

Oingo Boingo – Weird Science

Neon Neon – Neon Theme


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